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Drawing on my experience as a consultant and lawyer, you can count on my support in career development, team management, burnout, wellbeing, confidence building, conflict resolution and mediation.

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I am Ildikó Kópé, coach, mediator and would-be psychologist. I started my career in law and worked for nearly 10 years in finance and HR at multinational companies. Then, building on my past experience, I switched to helping professions. In my spare time I swim, do yoga, photography, or spend time with my husband, we travel or play with our puppy.


My initial motivation in becoming a coach was to help my team professionally as a people manager, and when I was appointed as a manager of a team in South East Asia, coaching basically found me. And mediation is a beautiful combination of all the expertise and attention I have acquired as a lawyer and coach. I believe in peaceful conflict resolution and often use coaching tools in mediation.


2022-2025 (ongoing) Károli Gáspár University - Psychology
2022-2023 (ongoing) GROW Trainer Training Centre - Trainer
2022 Umathum Mediator Academy - Mediator
2022 Antares Group - Transactional Analysis course
2021-2022 Business Coach Academy - Business Coach
2017-2019 ELTE Faculty of Law and Political Sciences - Tax Law, LLM
2008-2014 ELTE Faculty of Law and Political Sciences - Lawyer

I believe in lifelong learning, I train myself continuously and tirelessly to be able to support my clients to the best of my abilities during the coaching process, because if the coach is not doing well, they cannot do their helping job properly. For the next few years I would like to concentrate on my studies in psychology and I am also an enthusiastic student of Gestalt coaching.


The 'art' of coaching is now one of my greatest passions: I find it exciting to support my clients to unravel their problems and find a way out of their challenges (be it business or life coaching). It fills me up to meet so many new people week after week who trust me and together we can experience lows and highs. My coaching sessions are in Hungarian, English and Slovak.

There's a haiku by Ákos Fodor that goes, "It doesn't matter where you come from, it doesn't matter where you go, it doesn't matter if you go. Listen". This poem expresses very nicely what coaching means to me: I follow my clients like an empty bottle, and I look at the sessions the same way, not listening to preconceptions, sympathies, impressions, so that I can remain non-judgmental.

When should you contact me?

Business coaching

As a business coach, I can support you when
  • you are at the beginning of your career and could use someone to give you direction.
  • your work-life balance is out of balance or you need to improve your time-management.
  • you're experiencing a career break and don't know what to do next.
  • you are considering a career change because you feel out of place.
  • you've got a promotion or are going for it, but it's causing you some anxiety.
  • you're suffering from burnout and need to renew yourself.
  • you are a team leader and want to lead your team as good as possible.
  • you have a conflict between you and your boss, colleagues or team members.

Life coaching

As a life coach, I can support you if
  • you want to get a little closer to yourself.
  • you don't love yourself as much as you deserve.
  • you have lost your strength in your everyday life and are looking for new motivation.
  • you are facing a change, but you are indecisive, or maybe a big change has just happened in your life.
  • you're still looking for your prince charming and Tinder isn't helping.
  • you've already found your life partner, but you don't see him as your prince charming because he's driving you crazy.
  • you want a more conscious lifestyle and you need a guide.
  • you feel like something's wrong, but you can't figure out why.


As a mediator, I can support you if
  • you have an unresolved economic conflict that you cannot resolve alone.
  • you need an impartial, independent third party to look at your relationship problems.
  • you have problems within your family that you cannot overcome on your own or you have repetitive patterns that you want to change.
  • you want to avoid a long and costly court battle.
  • you have been ordered by a court to go to mediation and you want to choose a mediator from the market.
  • you are getting a divorce and want to work out the details of the separation amicably.
  • you need a mediator for child custody, child visitation, post-divorce parenting.


As a photographer, photography and visuality are very important to me. During the phototherapy we will coach you with your own photos or photos we have taken together. Both goal setting and development are done by analysing photos, which can be very revealing about our emotions, desires and goals.

Photography is a brilliant tool for visual people, but the focus is on coaching during the sessions.

You don't need to be a photographer to do phototherapy, you just need to love photography or simply be a visual person, maybe you do a lot of instagram and love taking pictures.

Photos taken during coaching will be a memento to remember your goals and to be proud of your progress.


For companies I will prepare an individual and tailor-made proposal, please send me an email in this case.

Coaching for individuals

Mini package

30 minutes of coaching per session
number of sessions to be discussed
online or in person

$25 per session

Normal package

60 minutes of coaching per session
number of sessions to be discussed
online or in person

$50 per session

Large package

90 minutes of coaching per session
number of sessions to be discussed
online or in person

$70 per session

Extra package

6 hours per appointment
full day private coaching
online or in person



Private discussion

1-2 hours per session
number of sessions to be discussed
online or in person

$50 per hour

Dual discussion

2-3 hours per session,
number of sessions to be discussed
online or in person

$70 per hour
(not per person)

What my clients say

"From our first long conversation, I found Ildi to be an incredibly knowledgeable, creative, open, kind-hearted and always looking for solutions to anything. She is constantly looking for opportunities, for positive change, and thanks to her persistence and constant brainstorming, she creates it, both in her environment and in herself. I can only recommend a conversation with her. With her questions, you are sure to find the one that works best for you at the moment out of hundreds of options."

Trade Advisor

"I was very close to being completely burnt out at work and this situation made my day-to-day functioning quite difficult. Ildi has helped me a lot to change this and to get out of my comfort zone so that I can have a meaningful weekday again."


"I never imagined that coaching would be such a powerful tool to rethink and solve my professional dilemmas. Thank you so much for your help, Ildi!"

Managing Director

"Ildi was very supportive during our work together, I didn't believe that coaching could be so useful. Although the coaching is over, I can't wait to join Ildi's trainings! :)"


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